We Want to Tag Along with YOU!

Preparing to head out into the field soon? We would love the chance to accompany you on your acoustic telemetry field work.


We have found time in the field with our customers to be an invaluable experience as it provides context for how you use our equipment and the challenges you face while in the field. (Here’s a report on a “tag along” trip we were privileged to be a part of in Wisconsin.) Additionally, we learn how our equipment functions across many environments and under different environmental conditions. This information is immensely helpful in informing the VEMCO product roadmap.

What do you get?

Free labour! We don’t shy away from dirty jobs in the field so consider us an extra pair(s) of hands 😊.

Ask away! Acoustic telemetry is what we know so we can help you get the most out your equipment for successful studies.

Give us feedback on the spot! We want to know how we can help you and make your field work experience even better.

Want to try a new product or feature? This is the perfect time for a demonstration.

So if you are planning some field work and have space for us, please reach out to us at adminvemco@www.vemco.com. We hope to hear from you soon!


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