VR4-UWM Important Notifications


*WARNING*: Do not deploy VR4-UWM receivers with the same modem address within 5 km of each other. Doing so will disable modem communications with the surface acoustic modem.

**WARNING**: Make sure the VR4-UWM is not in Suspend Mode before deploying it. By starting a new study in the VUE software, you will take your VR4-UWM out of Suspend Mode.

To confirm that you have successfully initialized your VR4-UWM, watch the VR4-UWM LED Status Light for a double blink every 5 seconds. Red light flash indicates only 69 kHz channel is enabled.

Yellow light flash indicates only 180 kHz channel is enabled. Alternating flashes between red and yellow indicate both 69kHz and 180kHz channels are enabled.

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