VR100 Student Offer


The VR100 Special Offer Program (now in its 14th year) is designed to encourage graduate students who conduct aquatic studies in ocean and freshwater environments to experience the power of acoustic telemetry technology for their next research project. By trying VEMCO products, you will be using the most advanced and reliable technology available today for fish tracking and monitoring. We also wish to support the research community and make VEMCO products more accessible by offering a discount to graduate students who may be facing funding challenges.

VEMCO is pleased to announce its 2019 Student Special Offer for acoustic telemetry tracking equipment which includes two options at deeply discounted prices!

Option 1:

  • VR100 Acoustic Tracking Receiver
  • VH165 Omni-directional Hydrophone

As an add-on to Option 1, you may also include the purchase of the VH110 Directional Hydrophone at a deep discount.

Option 2:

  • VR100 Acoustic Tracking Receiver
  • VHTx Transponding Hydrophone

Application Criteria:

  • You must be registered full time in a graduate program of marine biology or related field of aquatic research.
  • You must submit an abstract of your research project.
  • You must provide a brief explanation of financial need.
  • This is a limited offer. Two to three systems will be awarded per quarter at the end of March, June, September and December to a maximum of 10 systems.
  • Note that while VEMCO places strong emphasis on financial need, much effort will be made to ensure the systems are distributed fairly across various institutions and geographic locations.
  • VEMCO has the sole authority to approve applicants.

To apply, please email your name, contact information, university, graduate program, thesis supervisor, thesis abstract, and summary of financial need to student.offer@vemco.com. If you are selected, we will contact you to provide a quotation.

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