VEMCO Launches New Products


Introducing the VR2Tx Transceiver, VR2AR Acoustic Release and Transceiver, and the V4 Coded Transmitter



The VR2Tx transceiver combines a VR2W receiver and a V16-like transmitter that allows communication with units while still deployed. The VR2AR acoustic release and transceiver combines a VR2Tx with a built-in acoustic release. The VR2Tx and VR2AR maintain all of the existing features of the VR2W plus much more.

  • Improve fine scale positioning results using the built in transmitter as a sync tag
  • Retrieve receiver status on demand from the surface via communications with the VR100 tracking receiver and transponding hydrophone (VR100 and hydrophone sold separately)
    • monitor health, tilt, range, temperature, battery life and memory of deployed units
    • verify number of detections in units with the programmable watch table
    • determine which receivers are in range of the VR100 (unit discovery mode)
    • locate potentially lost units
  • VR2AR’s quick and reliable acoustic release enables remote release of deployed units typically within one minute

v4-v5-v6-labelThe V4 180 kHz coded transmitter opens up a new world for small fresh and salt water species research.

  • Smaller fish, more species – weighing just 0.24 grams in water (0.42 grams in air), the V4 enables researchers to track and monitor smaller fish and a broader range of species than ever before!
  • Detect more tags – the 180 kHz frequency allows the receiver to detect large numbers of fish simultaneously making it ideal for fast flow, high residency situations.


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