Remember to Change Out those Desiccant Packs!


Desiccant PackThe desiccant packs found in your VEMCO receivers significantly reduce the occurrence of condensation build-up in the body of your receivers which can damage the internal electronics. Desiccant packs should be replaced with each deployment and battery change cycle.

As this requires the receiver to be opened, please take precautions to avoid pinching or jamming the packs when closing the units. This is particularly important for the NEW VR2AR receiver as it contains intricately moving parts. Please ensure you hold the receiver in an upright position and follow the instructions outlined in the VR2AR User Manual when closing your units.

Do you have unknown IDs in your dataset? Let VEMCO help you connect with the researchers who own these tags. Simply follow the “Procedure for Reporting Unknown IDs” under the Unknown IDs section of our Customer Service page.

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