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VR2W – 69 kHz



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Receiver Features Comparison Chart (VR2W, VR2Tx, VR2AR)

The VR2W-69 kHz is an acoustic monitoring receiver that is affordable, compact, easy to use, long-lasting and versatile. This receiver is ideal for research projects ranging from small river monitoring to freshwater lake studies to multi-researcher, multi-tracking operations in large oceanic systems. The VR2W is capable of identifying all VEMCO 69 kHz coded transmitters and provides researchers with a robust, reliable means of studying the migration and behaviour patterns of a wide variety of species as they travel across vast distances.

With over 20,000 receivers deployed worldwide, researchers can leverage each others’ equipment to gather comprehensive data and share information. 

Communicating with Your Receivers
A Bluetooth-enabled laptop or PC is required to communicate with your receivers.

Operating Systems
VUE requires VISTA, Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.

For more details, download the VR2W Datasheet.


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Key Features

  •  Perform passive monitoring studies on thousands of species across vast distances
  •  Ideal for use in both salt and freshwater environments (lakes, rivers and oceans)
  •  Over 25,000 VR2Ws deployed worldwide enables researchers to collaborate by sharing receiver arrays
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