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VR2W – 180 kHz



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Receiver Features Comparison Chart (VR2W, VR2Tx, VR2AR)

Designed to operate with VEMCO’s line of 180 kHz tags, the VR2W-180 kHz receiver is cost effective, compact, easy to use, long-lasting and flexible, making it ideal for remote, long term monitoring of a broad range of fish species.

Juveniles, Smaller Fish, More Species
The VR2W-180 kHz is used with the family of 180 kHz transmitters (V4, V5 and V9-180 kHz). The v4 and V5 enable researchers to track and monitor smaller fish and a broader range of speciesthan ever before. The introduction of the V9-180 kHz tag has expanded VEMCO’s 180 kHz capability to include longer life tags that can be used on larger animals. 180 kHz tags have been used widely on a variety of fish species from salmon smolts to arctic cod to various reef species.

Why 180 kHz Frequency?
Choosing the 180 kHz frequency enabled VEMCO to develop small, lightweight tags that would operate well in both salt and fresh water environments.

Communicating with Your Receivers
A Bluetooth-enabled laptop or PC is required to communicate with your receivers.

Operating Systems
VUE requires VISTA, Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.

For more information, see the VR2W-180 kHz Datasheet.


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Key Features

  •  Ideal for remote, long term monitoring of small fish species
  •  Operates effectively in both fresh and saltwater environments
  •  Detects multiple transmitters in fast moving environments
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