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VR2Tx Receiver



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Receiver Features Comparison Chart (VR2W, VR2Tx, VR2AR)

vr2tx-webThe VR2Tx Acoustic Receiver combines a VR2W receiver with a built in V16-like transmitter that allows communications with receivers while still deployed. The VR2Tx maintains all of the existing features of the VR2W plus much more.

  • Improve VPS (fine scale positioning) results using the built in transmitter as a VPS sync tag
  • Retrieve receiver status on demand from the surface via communications with a VR100 tracking receiver (models -200 and greater) and transponding hydrophone (VR100 and hydrophone sold separately)
    • monitor health, tilt angle, range, temperature, battery life and memory of deployed VR2Tx units
    • monitor number of total detections as well as specific tag IDs with the programmable watch table
    • determine which receivers are in range of the VR100 (unit discovery mode)
    • vr100-200-hydrophonelocate potentially lost VR2Tx units

Surface to Receiver Communications Using the VR100 Receiver
The VR2Tx communicates to the surface using the VR100 active tracking receiver with a transponding hydrophone and is compatible with all VR100 models sold since January 2013. Customers will require a new transponding hydrophone to attach to the VR100 to communicate with the VR2Tx.

Communicating with Your Receivers
A Bluetooth-enabled laptop or PC is required to communicate with your receivers.

Operating Systems
VUE requires VISTA, Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.

For more information, please download the VR2Tx Datasheet.


tx-receiver-web        tx-acoustic-com-web        tx-sync-tag-web


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Key Features

  •  Monitor receiver status and health while units are still deployed
  •  Improve fine scale positioning results by using as a VPS sync tag
  •  Collect detection information to verify performance without retrieving units
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