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VR2C Cabled Receiver



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vr2c-lo-res-webThe VR2C cabled receiver enables researchers to have a permanent, real-time communication path to the receiver allowing them to easily check on the status of the receiver in the field and upload data at any time. For more information, please download the VR2C Datasheet.

The VR2C is designed to easily communicate to, or integrate with, the users top-side unit or surface hub. This might be a laptop computer, off the shelf data logger, instrumentation buoy, underwater glider, etc.


The VR2C cabled receiver is ideally suited for areas where cables are logistically possible such as instrumentation buoys, bridges, flood control structures, dams and fish passage systems.

Buoys of Opportunity

VR2Cs are being integrated into existing data collection systems.


Sample Configurations



Note: The Laptop (or PC) and the Surface Hub with Cell Modem are not provided by VEMCO.


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Key Features

  •  Fully autonomous receiver available in 69 kHz
  •  Ideal for remote or real-time communications
  •  External communication is via a serial cable instead of Bluetooth
  •  Internal, replaceable battery provides power for approximately 10 months - includes battery life indicator
  •  Can be powered externally for extended field deployment (years)
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