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Acoustic Release Float Collar



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The Flotation Collar is designed for use with the VR2AR and VR2AR-X Acoustic Release Receivers. It is easy to assemble and attach using two ¾-inch wrenches (not included).

Communications During Retrieval
The flotation collar flips over when rising to the surface so you can maintain communications with the unit even when the package has reached the surface allowing you to locate and recover the VR2AR and VR2AR-X.

The collar design allows the floats to attach below the receiver hydrophone ensuring that there are no shadowing effects on the receiver.

Flotation Buoys Sold Separately
Off the shelf floatation buoys can be purchased from your local marine equipment supplier.

For more information, download the VR2AR Flotation Collar datasheet. Assembly instructions are in the VR2AR Flotation Collar Assembly Guide.



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Key Features

  •  Easy to assemble and attach to VR2AR
  •  Easy to deploy
  •  Re-useable after a simple re-arming process
  •  Uses off-the-shelf floats that customers can source locally
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