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VR2AR Acoustic Release Receiver



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Receiver Features Comparison Chart (VR2W, VR2Tx, VR2AR)

vr2ar-smallThe VR2AR Acoustic Release and Receiver combines a VR2Tx Receiver and an acoustic release along with a V16-like transmitter which allows researchers to remotely retrieve deployed receivers and communicate to the surface without retrieving the unit.

The VR2AR maintains all of the existing features of the VR2Tx plus much more.

  • Quick and reliable acoustic release enables remote release of deployed units typically within one minute
  • Improve VPS (fine scale positioning) results using the built in transmitter as a VPS sync tag
  • Retrieve receiver status on demand from the surface via communications with a VR100 tracking receiver (models -200 and greater) and transponding hydrophone (VR100 and hydrophone sold separately)
    • monitor health, tilt angle, range, temperature, battery life and memory of deployed VR2AR units
    • monitor number of total detections as well as specific tag IDs with the programmable watch table
    • determine which receivers are in range of the VR100 (unit discovery mode)
    • locate potentially lost VR2AR units

Optional Flotation Collar Available
The VR2AR Flotation Collar is designed for use with the VR2AR Acoustic Release and Receiver and is easy to assemble and attach using two ¾-inch wrenches (not included).. The collar is a simple and easy deployment solution.


vr100-200-hydrophoneSurface to Receiver Communications Using the VR100 Receiver
The VR2AR communicates to the surface using the VR100 active tracking receiver with a transponding hydrophone and is compatible with all VR100 models sold since January 2013. Customers will require a new transponding hydrophone to attach to the VR100 to communicate with the VR2AR.

Communicating with Your Receivers
A Bluetooth-enabled laptop or PC is required to communicate with your receivers.

Operating Systems
VUE requires VISTA, Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.

For more information, please download the VR2AR Datasheet. To see an overview of how the VR2AR works, check out our VR2AR Demonstration Video.


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Key Features

  •  Quick and reliable release typically within one minute
  •  Easy re-arming method
  •  100+ releases per battery
  •  Release mechanism is a push-off titanium pin with a copper sleeve to reduce bio-fouling
  •  External case designed for easy attachment of flotation for buoyancy
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