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VPS (VEMCO Positioning System)



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The VEMCO Positioning System (VPS) is an affordable, underwater acoustic fine-scale positioning system, capable of providing metres level position resolution of many animals simultaneously. There is no limit to the amount of area a VPS can cover and it can typically run unattended for up to a year at a time. The VPS system is based on VEMCO’s standard off-the-shelf receivers used in numerous presence / absence studies worldwide. 

The system consists of underwater acoustic transmitters and receivers that are deployed by you, and a receiver data processing service provided by VEMCO.

VEMCO will work with you to design a system layout in accordance with a set of design guidelines.  You then deploy your system and collect receiver data for a short test period. Receiver positions can be measured using a handheld GPS unit. VEMCO will analyze the test data and may recommend changes to the design of the system to address performance issues.

At the end of the study, you collect all receiver data and send it to VEMCO for analysis. You will then be provided with a summary report and calculated positions.

For most studies, VEMCO expects position accuracy similar to that provided by the GPS standard positioning service: 95% of positions within a 15-metre error circle. VEMCO considers this a conservative estimate, based on results from field studies conducted to date. Depending on the specifics of the study, significantly better accuracy is possible.

For more information, see the VPS Datasheet. For an overview on how VPS works, check out the VPS 101: Introduction to VEMCO Positioning System (VPS) tutorial.

For more detailed information on VPS and how to interpret error estimates, download our new Application Note: Understanding HPE in the VEMCO Positioning System (VPS).


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Key Features

  •  Able to position many animals simultaneously
  •  No limit to the amount of area a VPS can cover
  •  Can run unattended for up to one year
  •  Uses off-the-shelf VEMCO receivers and transmitters
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