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VHTx-180k Transponding Hydrophone



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The VHTx-180k is an omni-directional transponding hydrophone that attaches to the VR100 active tracking receiver to communicate with VEMCO’s High Residence Receiver (HR2).

The VHTx-180k maintains all of the features of the VH180 hydrophone and is used with the VR100 receiver to locate and track VEMCO acoustic transmitters on passing fish or equipment. The VHTx-180k operates at 180 kHz frequency. The hydrophone is protected by a cage and is weighted to aid in lowering the hydrophone into water.

For more information, download the VHTx-180k datasheet.


  1. The VHTx is weighted and, depending on the current in the area, should not need additional weight to keep it at depth.  If additional weight is required, be sure to use a separate rope to hold the weight and use strain-relief techniques to keep the hydrophone cable from being strained.
  2. Turn off boat motor and depth sounder to reduce acoustic interference.



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