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VH110 & VH180-D Directional Hydrophones (69 & 180 kHz)



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vh110-smallThe VH110 and VH180-D directional hydrophones are hydro-dynamically shaped so they can be easily moved through water while receiving acoustic signals. The VH110 and VH180-D are used with the VR100 receiver to locate and track ultrasonic transmitters on passing fish or equipment.

The frequency range for the VH110 is 50 to 84 kHz, which makes it suitable for reception of V7, V8, V9, V13, and V16 transmitters. The frequency range of the VH180-D is 180 kHz for use with V4 and V5 transmitters.

For more information, see the VH110 and VH180-D Directional Hydrophones Datasheet.


  1. Turn off boat motor and depth sounder to reduce acoustic interference.
  2. The attachment hole is 11/16″ diameter. The figure shows one method used to mount the hydrophone to a pole.




Beam Pattern Figures





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