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VR2AR-X Long Life Acoustic Release Receiver



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VEMCO’s VR2AR-X receiver is the same as our VR2AR receiver with a built-in transmitter and acoustic release but with a much longer life – up to 26 months. For more information and specifications, please download the VR2AR/VR2AR-X datasheet.

Note that the latest release of VUE software (version 2.4.0), is required to communicate with the VR2AR-X. Also when using transponding capabilities between the VR100 and the VR2AR-X, the latest version of the VR100 firmware and host software (version 3.5.0) must be installed.


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Key Features

  •  Capable of long term deployments up to 26 months
  •  Quick and reliable release typically within one minute
  •  Easy re-arming method
  •  100+ releases per battery
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