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Ascent™ Acoustic Release



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Remotely recover your marine instruments with VEMCO’s shallow water acoustic release.


VEMCO’s Ascent Acoustic Release  is ruggedly designed for superior performance, reliability and real-time communication. It is available in two models:

  • Ascent AR with a battery life of 28 months
  • Ascent AR-2 with a battery life of 60 months

Obtain Real-time Information from Deployed Units

  • Unit health
  • Tilt, depth and temperature
  • Estimated remaining battery life
  • Release status and activating the release
  • Ability to get range and depth information as the unit is rising to the surface
  • Estimate the distance between Ascent Acoustic Releases and the surface Deck Box
  • Locate deployed units

Unit Discovery Mode Option

  • Determine which Ascents are within range of the Deck Box without having to remember specific serial numbers and exact release

Communicate from the Surface to Deployed Acoustic Releases
The VR100 Deck Box is used with a transponding hydrophone to communicate from the surface with deployed Ascents and provides easy, remote release of your marine instruments. Researchers will be able to retrieve real-time unit status information using a simple interface. Note that the VR100 Deck Box and transponding hydrophone are sold separately.

For more information, please download the Ascent Acoustic Release datasheet.


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Key Features

  •  Designed for shallow water (depth rating of 500 metres)
  •  Real-time unit health information retrieval
  •  Quick and reliable release - typically within 30 seconds
  •  External case designed for easy attachment of marine instruments and flotation for buoyancy
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