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Acoustic Data Storage Tag

Data Loggers


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Why double tag when one will do? The Acoustic Data Storage Tag (ADST) both acoustically transmits and internally stores essential sensor data, providing you data on behaviour when fish are outside of your receiver array.


The ADST is based on the V9TP and the V13TP with an additional memory feature that stores telemetry sensor data such as temperature and/or depth. When an ADST is recovered, you have access to all of the sensor data taken throughout the life of the tag.

Since data storage tags are often recaptured through commercial fisheries, the ADST features a bright orange casing to increase the likelihood of recovery. It can also be ordered with the option of positive buoyancy.

For more information, download the ADST datasheet.




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Key Features

  •  Memory capacity stores more than 500,000 sensor samples
  •  Data retention of greater than 10 years
  •  Compatible with existing VEMCO 69 kHz acoustic receivers
  •  Configurable sampling and storing rates for each sensor as well as the acoustic transmission rate
  •  Available in positively buoyant option
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