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If you’d like to see your project added to our homepage map, simply complete the form below and we’ll add it once it’s reviewed!

Map Deployment Fields

You may enter the general location of your deployment/study or the general latitude/longitude coordinates.

List the primary institute first, followed by any affiliated institutes.

Please enter a URL link to a site or publication (if available) that contains more information about your deployment/study.


Please keep it short! If you want to add more details, please provide a URL for us to link to in the above "Website" field.

The top selected institute will be the deployment's "primary".
ALSO: With the removal of the institute form, people submitting through the "Plot Your Points" form will only see the text box for "Institutes Involved". Before approving their point, you must select the institute(s) from this dropdown as the map does not make associations with the text box version.

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