New Custom Tag Programming Options!

Every aquatic environment is different and we are excited to offer researchers more options when it comes to choosing their tags to help them adapt to their systems — check it out below!


New High/Low Power Options

Stuck deciding between a V13 high or low power to use in your study? Now you can get a standard coded Range Test tag with alternating power levels (with a corresponding ID) so you can easily determine the better performing option based on your environment and study design.

This new programming option is also great for tracking animals in environments with extreme condition changes. For example, temporary ice cover can create a very quiet environment so switching to low power during that time can actually help ensure your detection probabilities remain high. Alternatively, if your water quality declines in the summer, you may wish to opt for high power for that period.

We also realize that not all studies permit extensive testing so instead of rolling the dice on high vs low, you can get some peace of mind, not to mention data for future study decision making, with a tag that does both!

Customizable Sensor Data Ratios

Have dual sensor tags? Perhaps you would rather have more depth readings than temperature readings because you are running a 3D positioning study. Well now it’s possible with our customizable sensor ratio options. You get to decide what sensor combination works best for you, whether is 2:1 or 10:1!

Still not sure what to choose? Let our sales team help you find the perfect tag fit!

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