VR2W Desiccant Packs


In keeping with Industry Standard Best Practices, a desiccant pack has been included in the bottom of the VR2W to reduce the occurrence of condensation in the VR2W. This pack should remain in the VR2W case during storage and deployment.

We recommend that you replace the desiccant pack with each deployment and with each battery replacement cycle.

For instructions, please see section 2.3 of the VR2W User Manual.

Desiccant packs are included with all battery shipments from VEMCO.

Customers can purchase additional Desiccant Packs directly from VEMCO or to purchase in bulk, please contact the supplier directly:

Desiccant Pack part number is Desi-Pak 1/6U
Humidity Card part number is MS26507-1S One-Spot Reversible

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