Advancements in VEMCO Technology


VEMCO continually evolves its technology with advances such as the predation tag (now with new pricing), our smallest sensor transmitter V7TP, and receivers with transponding capabilities. See below for more details:


Take the Guesswork Out of Predator-Prey Interaction

Take the guesswork out of your data analysis by using the V5 Predation Tag to know if your animal has been predated upon.

The V5 was launched in 2017 as an exciting new technology that provides a direct measure of digestion allowing researchers to quantify the impact of predation.

Owing to advances in our production processes, the VEMCO V5 predation tag is now available at a lower per unit cost. Please contact our Sales Team to discuss V5 tag pricing for your next predator-prey interaction study.

For more information on the V5 tag, visit the V5 Predation Transmitter product page.

U.S. Patent No. 9,526,228 (AMIRIX Systems Inc.)


The V7TP – VEMCO’s Smallest Sensor Tag

VEMCO recently introduced the V7TP – our smallest sensor transmitter capable of measuring temperature and/or depth. Learn more about the V7TP features and benefits here.


Transponding Receivers Improve System Performance in the Field

HR2 Receiver with Built-in Transmitter – track more fish in freshwater environments in less time and with greater accuracy

VR2Tx Receiver with Built-in Transmitter – talk to your receivers from the surface without having to retrieve the units

VR2AR Receiver with Built-in Transmitter and Acoustic Releaseremotely release your deployed VR2AR receivers

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