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VEMCO Launches New Website!

Thursday, May 16th, 2013


Last fall, we embarked on an adventure to completely overhaul and update our corporate website! While the old site was certainly functional and all the pertinent information was there, we felt we could do a much better job of organizing and presenting it.

An Integrated Approach

First and foremost, we wanted to create an improved user experience for our customers by making downloads and upgrades more easily available from the product pages. In essence, it is a more integrated approach to providing sales and support information.

Our Customers are the Best Researchers in the World!

We wanted to showcase the groundbreaking research undertaken by our customers and are very pleased to launch a Researchers Map that features the many important studies conducted worldwide using VEMCO equipment. Another highlight of the map is to pinpoint the many great institutes and organizations where the seeds of this groundbreaking research is sown. We hope the map inspires you to collaborate with other researchers. And we would be only too happy to “Put You on the Map” as well. Just contact us and we will be in touch to get the essential information.

New Look, New Feel, New Logo

Since we were already investing so much time and effort in restructuring the site and creating the map, why not go for a whole new look and feel as well? We’ve moved to a wider format and introduced some bright new colour schemes. Along with that, we redesigned the VEMCO logo giving it a cleaner, crisper, simpler and more modern look.

More Robust Search Engine

The site also has a much more robust search engine which means you should be able to find the information you are looking even quicker than before.

There Will Be Hiccups!

As with the launch of any new website where the structure has changed so dramatically, we don’t expect everything to be perfect! Old bookmarks will no longer work and many of our manuals may still contain links to old website pages that will be broken and for this we apologize. We still have a lot of work to do as we mine through the hundreds of pages of information in our manuals to update them. So your patience and even a little bit of help would be very much appreciated. If you do come across any broken links, please let us know!

Let Us Know What You Think

As always feedback from you, our customers, is essential for us to continuously improve our products and services. And that goes for our website too! Please let us know what you think. We welcome any thoughts you have on how we can make it even better.

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